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Team Spotlight – Get to know Dr. Kurey!


Dr. Alex Kurey, DDS

What is your team position at Herzog Dental?

I am a general dentist.

How long have you been part of the Herzog Dental team?

Two years.

Tell the story of how you chose to work in the dental industry.

When I was in college, I knew that I wanted to enter the medical field. I had always enjoyed the dentist, so I volunteered at a dental clinic. At the clinic, I met several women dentists. I had always seen male dentists, so it prompted me to research more about dentistry as a profession, and here I am!

What do you like best about your chosen profession?

I love the relationships that are formed with patients. It is nice being able to make a dental appointment slightly more enjoyable for patients because people are more comfortable when there is empathy and compassion expressed during a sometimes stressful event.

Care to share a memorable story about life working at Herzog Dental?

I have TOO MANY memorable stories…

But… one that sticks out is a time that Marisa, my assistant, was about to take x-rays on a child. He had never had x-rays, so it was a new and scary experience for him. I jumped in to help. It’s always critical to go fast with kids, so they don’t move… the patient was cooperating great, so I tried to run out of the room to take the x-ray, and I ran smack into the x-ray machine! Everyone was in tears from laughing, including the patient!