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Team Spotlight – Get to know Sonia!


Sonia, RDH

What is your team position at Herzog Dental?

Registered Dental Hygienist

How long have you been part of the Herzog Dental team?

Almost three years!

Tell the story of how you chose to work in the dental industry.

I always had a fascination with teeth, and after some encouragement to enter the field, I did it. I love what I do for a living!

What do you like best about your chosen profession?

My favorite part of this profession, especially here at Herzog Dental, is seeing the transformation of an apprehensive and fearful patient, become more relaxed and comfortable when coming to the dentist.

Care to share a memorable story about life working at Herzog Dental?

The time that stands out for me is the day Dr. Herzog took the entire staff out for ice cream after a long, hot day in the office!