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Dental Implants Danvers, MA

Dental Implants Danvers MA

For dental implants Danvers, MA residents can rely on the dental and periodontal experts at Herzog Dental. Our office is led by Dr. John Herzog, DDS, General Dentist and Dr. Matthew Lann, DDS, Periodontist. Both of our highly experienced doctors are professional and extremely skilled in what they do. If you need periodontal dental treatments, Herzog Dental is the place to turn. We offer biopsies, grafts, and dental implants to Danvers, MA residents. Our periodontal treatments are performed by Dr. Lann, right here in our office, where we work hard to ensure the comfort and relaxation of all our patients. If you have a missing tooth, and are considering a permanent solution, we are happy to examine you and determine if dental implants are the right course of action.

“Dr. Herzog saved the day. My crown was wobbling on my implant, and I was afraid it would result in multiple and costly operations. But, Dr. Herzog pulled the crown off, lasered the gum tissue, replaced the post and fastened it as good as new, replaced the crown. The bite is perfect again, all in 1 hour with no pain. Call him Dr. “painless”. What a pleasure to chew the steak without fear. Thanks to Dr. Herzog and his able assistant, Zyrafeta.”

J.D., Danvers, MA