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Dentist Peabody, MA

Dentist Peabody MA

Led by Dr. John Herzog, DDS, and Dr. Matthew Lann, DDS, Herzog Dental is a great family dentist Peabody, MA. Residents can come to us for a variety of dental services including preventative, aesthetic, orthodontic, and periodontal care. Our unwavering commitment to patient care and communication sets us apart from other dentists in Peabody, MA. Don’t just take our word for it though, come in for your next cleaning, and see the differences in Herzog Dental for yourself.

“The people at Herzog dental were completely professional and courteous. They were able to extract my problem tooth with minimal pain due to their sophisticated tools and equipment and their bedside manner was comforting during the whole procedure. The office looks new, clean, and technologically up to date. Glad I picked them as my new dental team due to the retirement of my former dentist.”

D.C., Peabody, MA