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Emergency Dentist Peabody, MA

Emergency Dentist Peabody MA

When in need of an emergency dentist Peabody, MA residents should call Herzog Dental. Located just down the street in Danvers, MA, our office is a quick, easy drive with plenty of parking. Led by Dr. John Herzog, DDS, our dental experts offer emergency dental services that are designed to get our patients in as quickly as possible, resolving any emergency issues on the spot. If you’re experiencing a dental emergency such as a severe toothache, a broken or cracked tooth (teeth), or a permanent tooth knocked out, contact Herzog Dental right away.

“I had a last minute emergency when my 24 year old veneer fell off my front tooth. Dr. Herzog was just about to leave at the end of the day. My call came in and he waited for me and took great care to replace it perfectly. He matched the color adhesive and took the time to perfect the tooth. I remain grateful for his dedication and expertise.”

G.M., Peabody, MA