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Team Spotlight – Get to know Dr. Herzog


Dr. John Herzog, DDS

What is your team position at Herzog Dental?

I’m a general dentist and I own the practice.

How long have you been part of the Herzog Dental team?

I opened my practice in August 1990. At that time, I had just left the practice of Dr. Carbone in Beverly and purchased the practice of Dr. Shannehan on McKay Street in Beverly. In the spring of 2008, after outgrowing the space in Beverly, we moved the practice to its current location on Maple Street in Danvers.

Tell the story of how you chose to work in the dental industry.

I was a premed/predent major at Holy Cross. I was considering applying to medical school and pursuing a career in sports medicine. One of my best friends encouraged me to take a look at dentistry as an option. In addition, my father was good friends with my family dentist, and he had always felt it would be a wise career choice even though he was a Massachusetts State Police officer and had only observed dentistry from the patient perspective! That being said, I couldn’t be happier with the career path I chose.

What do you like best about your chosen profession?

The thing I like most about dentistry is being able to help people. Whether it’s gaining a patient’s trust and helping them overcome their fear of dentistry, or being able to get a patient out of pain, there isn’t a more rewarding feeling for me. The appreciation a patient shows when I’m able to get them comfortable and out of pain can’t be overstated. I consider it a privilege to be in a position to affect patients’ lives in a positive manner.

Care to share a memorable story about life working at Herzog Dental?

I have many memorable stories from the years I’ve owned my practice. One of my favorites though is when I turned 40. My staff decorated the office with balloons and pictures everywhere. There were pictures of me from every year of my life with funny captions. In addition, the staff had filled out my afternoon with fake patient names, which I didn’t even notice. When it came time for lunch, they informed me that we were taking the afternoon off to celebrate my birthday! We spent the rest of that day at the Black Cow in Hamilton enjoying a birthday to remember.