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Root Canals Danvers, MA

Root Canals Danvers MA

We hate the expression, as much fun as root canals Danvers, MA. Patients never have to dread a visit to the dentist again. At Herzog Dental in Danvers, MA, we are committed to providing dental services that put an end to the stigma surrounding visits to the dentist. If your tooth is abscessed, or infected, the options are to remove the tooth, or to treat it. Dr. John Herzog of Herzog Dental feels that it is always best if the tooth (teeth) can be saved- this is done by performing root canals. Danvers, MA patients with infected teeth are usually in a lot of pain, and actually feel relief after the procedure, as opposed to the common misconception that root canals are a painful, terrible thing to go through. The reality is if you have an infected tooth, the infection must be cleared out before it spreads to the gums and bones, requiring much more expensive, and invasive dental and periodontal work to be done.

“As always, professional and as pleasant as a dentist visit can possibly be. I’m a big baby and I have been very comfortable going here since my other dentist of 25 years retired. I have had root canals and crowns and am very satisfied with the outcome.”

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