Prosthetic Dentistry

Missing teeth can happen to anyone. Sometimes people are born without some of their permanent teeth. Other times, an accident or injury may result in a missing tooth. Whatever the case, prosthetic treatments, such as implants, can restore your smile and your confidence. Dr. Herzog will help you find the right option for your unique situation.

Our prosthetic treatments include:

  • Implants: An implant is truly the most permanent method of replacing a missing tooth. Believe it or not, it’s typically a painless procedure and nothing to fear. In addition, implants don’t decay or develop gum disease. Our periodontist places implants at our office, so the whole process is completed at Herzog Dental.
  • Dentures: No one goes through life wanting a denture. But, in some situations, a denture or partial denture is your best option to keep your smile intact, perhaps due to financial constraints, or even due to the condition of your teeth. Any type of denture is a removable appliance that replaces one or more of your missing teeth.
  • Bridges: Although not as common today thanks to dental innovations, sometimes a bridge is still the answer. A bridge is a fixed or cemented appliance that will permanently replace your missing tooth. Because it’s cemented in place, it will feel and appear the most natural, restoring your smile back to its full potential.

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